Change Android studio Logcat text color to Eclipse style

Android studio is better than Eclipse with ADT in almost every way. I've been using it for almost a year now. However, Logcat is an exception. Only Assert, Error and Warn log level's text has different color, which makes it very dificult to distinguish between Info, Debug and Verbose log level. And I believe these three log levels are mostly common used by app developers (including me of course).

Locate Logcat Settings

Open Android Studio preferences (press cmd + , if on OSX), you can find Android Logcat settings in

Editor ==> Colors & Fonts ==> Android Logcat

Click Save As... button to save the current scheme, name it.

Uncheck the Use inherited attributes checkbox, in order to change the text style.

Find Eclipse Logcat style

You can find the Eclipse Logcat color setting in the follow foottrace in preferences:

Android ==> LogCat ==> Colors

In case you have already deleted Eclipse or didn't bother to open it, here is the RGB color of each log levels:

Verbose:  000000
Debug: 00007F
Info: 027F00
Warn: FF7F00
Error: FF0000
Assert: FF0000


I use the Android studio default Assert color to make it different from Error log level.

I use the Android studio default theme, not Darcular, so the Eclipse logcat style works for me. If you are using the dark Darcular theme, there is already a good color set for it.

Finnaly, here is the colorful logcat: img